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X-Ray Technology for Security & Efficiency

  • World Leader in Manufacturing and Development of X-Ray Technology
  • Prison X-Ray BodyScan for Weapons and Contrabands
  • Medical Examiner X-Ray Imaging FlatScan
  • Baggage X-Ray Integrated Action with Walk Through Detectors
  • Reduced Man Power and Cost Savings for Small Facilities

CEIA Metal Detectors and Electromagnetic Inspection

  • With over 50 years of experience in Metal Detectors field
  • For high flow-rate applications
  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors
  • The CEIA EMISĀ® for quick inspect non-metallic cargo

Security Solutions

  • Starts with a complete threat assessment of your facility
  • Perimeter and Access Technologies
  • Video Edge Technologies and Monitoring
  • Security Integration and Alarm Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Services

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