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Elemental Analysis

Elementar offers more than 110 years of experience in developing and manufacturing elemental analyzers for carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur. Elementar’s dedicated analyzers utilize proprietary Advanced Purge & Trap (APT) technology to consistently measure even the most challenging C:N elemental ratios (up to 12,000:1)

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Stable Isotope Analysis

Elementar offers a complete portfolio of IRMS instruments for various applications from paleoclimate studies to police forensics and many others.

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Why Rent?

  • Increase capacity for a short-term project
  • Try a new analytical technique or method before you buy
  • Leverage your operating budget to finance equipment
  • Increase capacity for your busy season to better match expenses to revenues
  • Help decrease the length of the approval process within your organization
  • Allows you to bring equipment into the lab without showing the capital cost on your balance sheet

Short-Term Rental

Suitable for meeting immediate needs for emergency projects. For any common instrument configuration, we can deliver and install in one week or less. Our short-term rentals can be from 2 - 6 months.


Have access to the use of equipment to generate income or work on your project while waiting for the capital budget. Our rental-with-equity is designed to have low monthly payments with high equity on each payment. Equity from each payment is accumulated toward the purchase when the capital budget is approved.

Advantage Technology Refresh

Pay for only a portion of the cost and use an instrument when it is new. Return the instrument to us after 36 - 60 months and we will replace it with a newer one for just about the same cost. Service contracts can also be built into the monthly payments.

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