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Bench Repair
Bench Repair is a great alternative to field service. For remote locations it is an efficient way to avoid travel costs, and if you can wait a few more days, it is less expensive than on-site service.

Call our service department for more information on having your instrument repaired in Calgary, and to find out if our same day shipment of a loaner or exchange module is available for your equipment!

Ion Chromatography.
With our large array of Thermo Dionex modules such as: AS40, AS50, AS, AS3000, AS3500, GP40, GP50, IP20, IP25, ED40, ED50, CD20, CD25, AD20, AD25. We can keep you running while we repair your module.
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CTC Samplers.
We have a dedicated facility to refurbish you CTC Autosampler. We also offer solutions to reduce maintenance and the downtime of your CTC systems.
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Many products have loaner modules available for a nominal fee to minimize your down time. We have complete systems available for short term rental.
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