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Target Enrichment Solutions

SureSelect and HaloPlex - Two technologies, one complete solution.

SureSelect – The leader in NGS Target Enrichment

Agilent's SureSelect market leading platform provides a complete portfolio of catalog and custom products, providing the flexibility you need, for your discovery to follow-up studies.

SureSelect All Exon kits & SureSelect Panels - Focus Your Discovery on the Regions that Matter

SureSelect All Exon kits are the most proven target enrichment solutions. SureSelect All Exon kits are available for Human and Mouse.

The SureSelect Human All Exon V5, targeting coding human exons only, and V5+UTRs, targeting coding exons plus UTRs, are designed to maximize sequencing efficiency by providing the greatest uniformity.

The SureSelect human panel kits focus on targeted genes to provide detailed information for the selected regions. Agilent offers 2 human panels the SureSelect Human Kinome kit (DNA or RNA) and SureSelect X-chromosome kit.

SureSelect Methyl-Seq kits

SureSelect Custom - Easily Customize for Your Regions of Interest

Agilent's custom solutions provide a means for targeting customer defined regions developed using our free web portals (SureDesign and eArray). Custom solutions are available for both DNA or RNA target enrichment.

SureSelect Strand Specific RNA library Preparation kits

Agilent's SureSelect Strand Specific RNA Library Preparation Kit is the highest sensitivity, strand-specific method for preparing libraries for whole transcriptome or targeted RNA-seq, enabling a greater understanding of gene regulation.

HaloPlex – Complete Target Enrichment for NGS in Less Than a Day

New HaloPlex products combine the speed of PCR with the sensitivity of hybridization providing a robust solution for targeting smaller capture regions.

HaloPlex custom kits – What a Difference a Day Makes!

Agilent's HaloPlex custom kits allow designs up to 5Mb in size, and provide a complete solution, with all reagents needed to perform sample preparation, including all oligos, baits, buffers and up to 96 barcodes to multiplex samples. Plus complete target enrichment can be achieved in less than 6 hours!

Design your own kit online in under 10min, using Agilent's online design tool, SureDesign.

HaloPlex Exome – Revolutionize Your Human Exome Workflow

HaloPlex technology provides outstanding performance, streamlined workflow, and low sample input requirements for next generation sequencing of human exomes. The HaloPlex Exome has been optimized to provide comprehensive coverage of the coding regions of the human genome with minimal hands on time and requires only 200ng of input DNA.

Next-Generation Design Tools and Data Analysis software

GeneSpring NGS

SureCall – End-to-end NGS Data Analysis

Agilent SureCall software allows researchers who use NGS panels for inherited diseases and cancer to analyze, visualize, and contextualize NGS data.

SureDesign – The Next-Generation Design Tool

SureDesign is an enhanced design application for customizing genomic targets for clinical research. With this web-based tool you can quickly generate exceptionally-flexible designs for high-performance targeted re-sequencing, utilizing both HaloPlex and SureSelect products.

NGS Sample and Library QC

Take control of your NGS sample and library QC with Agilent's 2100 Bioanalyzer, 2200 TapeStation and qPCR Library Quant kits.

Check out the NGS Target Enrichment brochure for a complete overview of Agilent's target enrichment portfolio.

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