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PCR Solutions

Agilent Technologies—and its Stratagene Product Division—has a wide range of specialty and routine enzymes built to meet virtually every amplification need, from GC-rich targets to high-fidelity amplification of degraded samples. No matter the situation, Agilent has a reagent engineered to ensure you get the amplification—and the results—you can trust.

8800 SureCycler – Surely Better PCR

The Agilent SureCycler 8800, a full featured and high performance thermal cycler, is the newest addition to Agilent's PCR portfolio. The combination of the SureCycler 8800 with our complete line of high performance reagents, industry leading customer support, and customer confidence in Agilent quality provides you with a Surely Better PCR Portfolio.

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High-Fidelity PCR Enzymes

Engineered for speed, Agilent's PfuUltra® II and Herculase® II Fusion DNA Polymerase, deliver superior yield and excellent reliability to help you amplify your productivity.

  • Choose PfuUltra® II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase when industry-leading fidelity is critical
  • Choose Herculase® II Fusion DNA Polymerase when superior yield and high fidelity are most important to you

Routine PCR Enzymes

Agilent's Paq5000™ DNA Polymerase is a robust and economical alternative to Taq that costs just pennies per unit. This enzyme provides equivalent and often better performance to endpoint Taq DNA polymerase amplification and can be substituted easily into many Taq-based procedures.

RT & cDNA synthesis

AffinityScript: Reverse Transcription at Your Preferred Temperature

Agilent's AffinityScript™ Multiple Temperature Reverse Transcriptase delivers high cDNA yields whether priming at room temperature with random hexamers or at high, stringent temperatures for gene-specific primers or GC-rich sequences. It delivers high cDNA yield when amplifying low RNA input amounts and resolving RNA secondary structure using temperatures up to 55°C.

AccuScript™ High Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase Produces Nearly Error-free cDNA

AccuScript High-Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase delivers the highest reverse transcription accuracy currently available. This new MMLV-derived RT generates cDNA with 3 to 6-fold fewer errors, while promoting full-length cDNA synthesis and superior RT-PCR performance.

See the PCR Solution catalog for a complete list of Agilent's PCR instruments and enzymes, and the SureCycler Brochure for complete instrument specifications.

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