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Agilent Technologies—and its Stratagene Products division—is a pioneer in the field of mutagenesis, with a deep heritage of innovation and reliability. Through an innovative portfolio of site-directed and random mutagenesis kits, Agilent helps researchers investigate—and publish on—protein structure and function.

Agilent's QuickChange site-directed mutagenesis kits enable multiple point mutations without subcloning, streamlining the mutagenesis process, while our GeneMorph kits deliver a balanced mutational spectrum.

QuikChange Lightning Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit

Agilent's new QuikChange® Lightning Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit delivers faster, ultra-high fidelity results with the exclusive QuikChange® Lightning DNA polymerase fusion and optimized Dpn I enzyme. Engineered for speed and accuracy, the QuikChange® Lightning enzymes provide significantly shorter thermal cycling and digestion times with the same ultra-high fidelity as the QuikChange® II kits.

Create Multiple Mutant Clones Together

Introduce multiple point mutations simultaneously with Agilent's QuikChange® Multi Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kits. Agilent's easy three-step non-PCR procedure can be completed in just one day so you can get your mutant clone faster.

GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kits

Agilent's GeneMorph II random mutagenesis kit takes error-prone PCR to the next level by combining mutational spectrums of both the Mutazyme DNA polymerase and Taq DNA polymerase. With the GeneMorph II random mutagenesis kit, the desired mutation rate can be controlled and mutation rates of 1–16 mutations per kb can be achieved.

Competent Cells for Random Mutagenesis

Agilent's XL1-Red competent cells enable a highly efficient, rapid, and reproducible method for introducing random mutations in a cloned gene of interest.

See Mutagenesis and Protein Expression and Analysis Tools Brochure for more detailed information on our mutagenesis kits, and the QuikChange Lightning flyer for more information on this product.

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