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Microarray Platform

The Agilent DNA microarray Platform provides you with the tools you need, from sample preparation to data analysis.

One Microarray for Whatever You Need

Agilent's SurePrint inkjet technology prints oligonucleotides on the fly, enabling total control over array content with no compromise in cost, data quality or scalability. Combined with Agilent's web-based portal for custom array design, you now have the capability to move from idea to experiment quickly and easily.

Agilent's microarrays provide superior sensitivity, enabling a clear path from data to decisions. Agilent's 60-mer oligonucleotide probes are synthesized in situ, resulting in highly reproducible features and six times the signal-to-noise ratio of other microarrays.

Agilent offers microarrays for a broad range of applications:

ChIP-on-chip Microarrays – High-resolution Mapping of Transcriptional Events

Agilent's ChIP-on-chip microarrays enable researchers to gain new insight into regulatory networks and transcription processes. By performing genome-wide characterization of DNA-protein binding sites and promoter occupancy, researchers can monitor the role that specific proteins play in epigenomic events, such as gene activation and repression. The Agilent ChIP-on-chip microarray combines comprehensive coverage and extreme sensitivity in an array specifically designed for location analysis, letting you perform high-resolution mapping of transcriptional activities.

SureScan : Agilent's Performance Leading Microarray Scanner Just Got Better

The SureScan Microarray Scanner is a key component of Agilent's complete microarray solution. With improved feature resolution, it delivers exceptional flexibility to analyze any microarray configuration.

The small footprint of the SureScan Microarray Scanner allows lab space to be optimized while improving the sensitivity and maintaining the broadest dynamic range (XDR) currently available on the market.

  • Continuous-loading capability maximizes sample-processing throughput, allowing new slides to be loaded as they become available
  • Software data integration allows raw data files to be loaded automatically into Feature Extraction, eliminating manual process
  • Built-in ozone protection capability minimizes degradation of fluorescent dyes

See Agilent's SureScan Datasheet for Agilent's SureScan scanner complete instrument specifications, and Agilent's ChIP-on-chip for Genome-Wide Location Analysis Brochure for an overview of Agilent's ChIP-on-chip portfolio.

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