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DNA Methylation Solutions

Differential methylation is known to be associated with cancer, but recent studies have shown other complex diseases have been linked to methylation states.

Agilent provides sequencing and microarray solutions for DNA methylation analysis.

DNA Methylation Microarray Platform – Flexibility, Sensitivity and Specificity

Through SurePrint inkjet technology, unique probe design algorithms, and validated protocols, Agilent's DNA Methylation Solution, empowers you with the flexibility, sensitivity, and specificity to identify the methylation events that matter most to you. Agilent DNA Methylation microarrays let you study regulatory networks with confidence.

DNA Methylation Microarrays

Agilent's CpG and promoter microarrays enable analysis of methylation events, while the custom arrays allow you to specify regions or proprietary sequences for additional evaluation.

SureScan Microarray Scanner

SureSelect Human Methyl-Seq – The First Comprehensive Methylation Discovery System

SureSelect Methyl-Seq uniquely delivers more information than methylation microarrays by detecting individual CpGs and, increases throughput and reduces costs compared to Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing.

SureSelect Human Methyl-Seq contains the most complete Methyl-Seq contents including: CPG Islands, Cancer, tissue-specific DMRs, GENCODe promoters, CpG Islands, shores and shelves ±4kb, DNAseI hypersensitive sites and RefGenes, and reveals methylated regions undetected by RRBS and Me-Dip

See Agilent's DNA Methylation Microarray Application Product Note for an overview of Agilent's DNA Methylation Microarray portfolio and the SureSelect Human Methyl-Seq Data Sheet for more information of this product.

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