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Cytogenetics Solutions

The Agilent CGH Microarray Platform – powered by SurePrint and SureScan technologies for over 10 years – sits at the center of an integrated research platform designed for highly-sensitive, highly-scalable, and highly-reproducible profiling with low DNA input amounts. Agilent scalable manufacturing platform offers customers a wide variety of molecular analysis products manufactured under ISO13485 compliance including: DNA microarrays, SureFISH probes, SureSelect and HaloPlex target enrichment baits for NGS.

CGH Microarray Platform – The Most Trusted Choice in Cytogenetics Micoarrays

Agilent's portfolio of CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization), CGH+SNP (Comparative Genomic Hybridization plus Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), and CNV (Copy Number Variant) microarrays offers researchers access to a complete oligo array CGH solution for mapping large and small structural variations associated with developmental abnormalities, cancer development and progression, disease susceptibility, and differential drug responses.

CGH and CNV Microarrays

CGH microarrays allow for the highest quality copy number data. Agilent's CGH microarrays are available for human, mouse, rat, and several model organisms, as well as in custom versions for more targeted analysis. They can be used to perform genome-wide analysis of insertions, deletions, and other structural variations.

CNV microarrays are designed to study the estimated 0.9-1.3% "normal" difference in copy number of the genomes of unrelated people. These arrays are best utilized in CNV association studies.

CGH+SNP Microarrays

CGH+SNP microarrays extend Agilent's aCGH platform by including a set of single nucleotide polymorphism probes (SNPs) on the same microarray. This allows for the simultaneous, high-resolution detection of copy number and copy-neutral variations, including LOH and UPD, making these arrays ideal for cytogenetic research.

SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kits

The SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit generates robust cyanine-labeled genomic DNA targets for optimal hybridization signals with high signal-to-noise ratio and low probe-to-probe variability. Efficient labeling provides reproducibility, confidence and maximum sensitivity in your experimental results.

SureScan Microarray Scanner

Agilent CytoGenomics Software- Designed Specifically for Cytogenetic Research

CytoGenomics free of charge software is a complete CGH and CGH+SNP microarray data analysis and data reporting solution, as well as a statistically and visually powerful tool to streamline your day-to-day cytogenetic sample analysis research workflow. CytoGenomics now links directly to SureFISH oligo FISH probes for any identified aberrations.

SureFISH Probes - The Most Comprehensive Menu of Oligo FISH Probes

Agilent's SureFISH probes use an innovative oligonucleotide technology to provide higher resolution, sensitivity and specificity, and shorter hybridization time than BAC probes. SureFISH offers a comprehensive menu with hundreds of probes including unique probes that are not available in BAC format. Each probe is verified by Next-Generation Sequencing to ensure specificity to the region of interest.

NGS Target Enrichment (SureSelect and HaloPlex)

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