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Agilent offers exceptional cloning and expression products for everything from discovery of novel genes to determining gene function. No matter the cloning challenge, Agilent has the right set of tools to provide answers you can trust.

StrataClone PCR Cloning Kits

The family of StrataClone PCR Cloning Kits delivers high-performance topoisomerase-based cloning in an easy and cost-effective kit. Agilent's system provides identical performance to the Invitrogen kits with small to medium PCR products (<3kb) and unmatched performance with fragments 3kb and larger, at a lower cost per reaction.

Competent Cells for Every Cloning Application

Finding the right competent cell is easy with Agilent's comprehensive collection of strains optimized for expressing proteins, creating libraries, cloning large or difficult-to-clone DNA, and more.

Cloning Vectors

Agilent offers a wide variety of cloning vectors, including PCR cloning vectors, mammalian expression vectors, high-efficiency lambda vectors, phagemid vectors and cosmid vectors.

See the Competent Cell Selection poster, Competent cells for Cloning and Competent Cells for Protein Expression flyers for a complete listing of Agilent's competent cells.

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