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Cellular Analysis & Transfection

As researchers aim to elucidate the functional role of proteins in biological processes, Agilent continues to provide tools for cellular analysis including reagents for transfection, transcription and cell-based assays.

Conveniently Monitor Transcription Activation

Determine the in vivo effects of a new gene, growth factor or drug candidate on signaling pathways with one of Agilent's PathDetect® cis-Reporting Systems or PathDetect® Trans-Reporting Systems.

QPCR and PCR Based Mycoplasma Detection

Agilent's MycoSensor™ QPCR and PCR Assay kits are enhanced assays able to detect the eight most common cell culture contaminants, including the often-elusive Acholeplasma laidlawii.

Reliable Mammalian Cell Transfection

Getting your DNA into mammalian cells efficiently and reliably is critical to your research success. Whether you need a low-toxicity lipid (LipoTaxi), a polyamine (GeneJammer), a cationic polymer (SatisFection) or a CaPO4 (ViraPack, Mammalian Transfection) formulation, Agilent's broad range of transfection reagents gives you the best selection of options for your particular experimental needs.

Qualitative and Quantitative Cell Reporting

Agilent's Luciferase Assay kit provides rapid, sensitive, and quantitative measurement of the activity of the reporter enzyme American firefly luciferase in cultured mammalian cells.

Agilent's LumiMax Superoxide Anion Detection kit qualitatively detects the presence of superoxide anions and superoxide dismutase in cell cultures with a higher sensitivity than the standard luminol-based assay.

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Signal Transduction

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