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Frontier Single-Shot Pyrolyzer

Pyrolysis gas chromatography (Py-GC) allows the analysis of small amounts of polymeric samples in a wide variety of forms including insoluble and composite materials without pretreatments and provides unique information that otherwise cannot be obtained. Py-GC is a very useful and powerful analytical technique for polymer characterization. Using the flash pyrolysis (single-shot technique), a sample is placed in a sample cup and the sample cup (Eco-cup), which is held initially at room temperature. The Eco-cup is then dropped into the pyrolysis furnace, which is held at a precisely set high temperature. A pyrogram is obtained by introducing the resulting pyrolyzates into a GC separation column. A number of improvements have been implemented into the Single-Shot pyrolyzer “PY-3030 S” over the previous model, providing higher quality pyrograms.

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Data Sheet

PY-3030 S
Key Features & Specifications

High performance and reliability:

  • Reproducibility of polystyrene (PS) pyrograms is guaranteed. The coefficient of variation (RSD) of peak area ratios of styrene trimer (SSS) and methyl stearate (Me-St) is guaranteed to be less than 2 % with GC/MS.
  • The entire flow path is deactivated.
  • Cold spots at the heat sink adapter and ITF are minimized to allow the detection of high-boiling compounds with high reproducibilities

A variety of sample forms:

  • Using five types of samplers including two new samplers (optional), samples in a wide variety of forms can be analyzed.

Rapid identification of unknowns:

  • With F-Search library search software using pyrogram and additives libraries, unknown polymeric samples can be rapidly identified.

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